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The Prospecting Show: Episode 141 - Big Data and Big Problems with Slater Victoroff

Slater Victoroff is an objectively strange name.

It's so strange in fact that the United States census will neither confirm nor deny that anyone by that name lives... well anywhere. In fact according to the Census, it's entirely possible that nobody in the United States either has the first name Slater or the last name Victoroff.

That's because it's so rare that disclosing even the fact that there is a Slater, or a Victoroff in any state is nearly enough to identify us on its own. Victoroff is a third generation bastardization of an Ellis Island name, and Slater is either an old word for a roofer or a woodlouse, depending on who you ask.

Though I can safely say that I had never heard that it was a supervillain name before this podcast. I think it's a plus. It's a hell of a lot better than getting "Sleider" or "Slaytor"or "Slerio" written on my Starbucks cup. All real examples by the way.

Combine that with a winning twist on one of indico's original taglines (Small Data for Big Problems) and you've got a fantastic recipe for a podcast that lets me really dive into the business side of things at indico.


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