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Nerds Out of Water: The Special Ramblings of Technical Entrepreneurs

This one (like many of the other podcasts I've done) was extremely fun. It had a very different feel from many of the other podcasts I've done though.

Something I've always found profoundly fun and rewarding are the special conversations that technical entrepreneurs share. There's something very unique about people that love to dig deep into bizarre future tech, and figure out what it's going to take to really make it work, that lets us converse indefinitely.

"Why do you suppose <cool technology> has never really taken off?" "You know what I really hate about <popular tool>?"

"So I was playing around in <aggressively esoteric tool> and I got to thinking..."

Michael and David perfectly target that kind of a feeling. It's a very particular kind of mid-level discussion that I hope is just as fun to listen to as it was to participate in. If you want a bang-on CTO coffeeshop discussion, this is the podcast.

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