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Indico: Slater Victoroff on unlocking the value of Unstructured Data (Brains Behind AI)

Apparently I am one of the Brains Behind AI.

In absolute terms I understand that there is a resurgence in AI and that my role, and indico's role in that resurgence has been real and significant. I recognize in the abstract that I am a part of that AI movement, but it wasn't until I really thought about the title of this podcast that I realized what it meant.

Ari put a nice sound clip together where I give a crash course to indico's three A's (Automate, Analyze, and Apply). I will also be eternally grateful for the editing that made it so clear that I need to remove the words: "kinda", "right", and "yknow" from my vocabulary. I've miraculously managed to avoid traditional filler words and replaced with my own, slightly more annoying ones :)

I'll write a more detailed blog post in the future about the three A's, but here's the high level Automate Handling of documents, images, and free text that relies on cumbersome, inconsistent, and manual processes

Analyze Lakes and rivers of claims and policy documents; contracts and customer communication; even image-based data streams.

Apply This new functionality to build things that would have taken PhDs and person-decades just a few years ago.

You can listen to us and hear the rest here:

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