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Fickle Internet: Escaping ampersand character in SQL string

One of the most horrifying things about the internet is the fact that it holds onto our mistakes for a lifetime. I'm very happy to say that I was always the kind of kid to raise my hand in class. For whatever reason I've always been unafraid of looking stupid. The shameless pursuit of knowledge is something etched deep into my bones.

So, when I started learning to code I pretty quickly found StackOverflow, as all programmers do. The main difference however is that I was eager to engage with the site. Rather than simply using it as a repository of knowledge I was convinced that my issues and my questions were special. In the early days... they were not. They were extremely embarrassing in fact and looking back on them I'm almost mortified to share them.

But! Like I said, I'm not particularly afraid of looking stupid. The worst part though, was that even in the decade more I spent on StackOverflow, slowly rising through the ranks to become one of the top users in New England this embarrassing question is BY FAR the top rated one I've ever asked on the site.

This question has nearly 400k views as of the writing of this post. There were many similar questions before, and there have been many similar questions since. I will freely admit that the question is both very basic, and has countless alternative venues for answer. I suppose something about how I worded the question hit a nerve for folks.

See the original question here:

Consider it a monument to my mediocrity.

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